Host® Rug Cleaning System

HOST® Dry Extraction Cleaner is perfect for all rugs and recommended by most major rug manufacturers. All materials in the HOST®Cleaner are plant materials and HOST® cleaner is in a very safe PH range to protect dye bleeds in rugs. Many nationally known rug cleaners will go through their cleaning process and the final step is to HOST® the rug to ensure it is clean?

We are HOST® Professional Cleaners in the Louisville, KY market. Martha Stewart recommends HOST® for doing her sisal rugs!

Our Methods Are Simple:

  • Pick up rug and review client expectations with client

  • We test the rug for dye, construction, and best cleaning method.

  • We dust and vacuum the rug with brush specific to rug

  • Pack the fringes in HOST®

  • HOST® the rug and brush in the HOST®

  • Hand clean fringes with packed in HOST®

  • Repeat as needed – dark grey HOST® means more HOSTing:)

  • HOST® the back

  • Dust and EVac the rug

  • Groom fringes

  • Deliver rug to you