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“With the deception (bait & switch) and poor results, it is no wonder folks look for a different carpet cleaning company over and over or try to do it themselves.”

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In my own quest to have clean carpets that are not wet for days after each cleaning, I have found myself wanting. With the deception (bait & switch) and poor results, it is no wonder folks look for a different carpet cleaning company over and over or try to do it themselves. Many folks just don’t want to walk around on wet carpet for days getting their socks all wet, so they just vacuum and live with the dirty carpet. I figured there had to be a better way of cleaning a carpet. So I started asking some of the finest rug makers in the world what system to they use, to clean their very expensive silk, wool, cotton, sisal, coir, jute & seagrass rugs. The answer over and over was HOST®. So I looked into this HOST® System and found the Holy Grail of carpet cleaning. I figured if the most expensive rugs on the planet are using HOST®, Nylon & Polyester wall to wall carpet could also benefit.

I did my own carpets, my kids carpets, my aunts carpets (who was walking around in socks while we were cleaning the carpet and they did not get wet!!) and my good friends. Results in every case were absolutely amazing and you could walk on the carpets or rugs, right after each job and your socks did not get wet!

This was a WOW moment for me and I thought everybody should be able to access a service like this, so we started “Carpet-Commander”.

James Kaiser
Carpet Commander

Customer Reviews

“I couldn’t believe I was walking on my carpet with socks right after they finished cleaning! I’ve never had a dry carpet after cleaning. Truly amazing!”

F.L. Wescott

“They came and didn’t flinch at the damage in the carpet. I was considering replacing it but now they’ve given it more life.”

S. Kaiser

“We have been so pleased with our experience with Carpet Commander. We are signed up for a yearly maintenance program so that whenever we have any big issues, Carpet Commander can come out and take care of us.  Thank you, Carpet Commander! A+”

K. Hall

“Gus and Blake were wonderful and very thorough with stains on our carpet. The biggest plus is that the carpet was dry when they finished. I was able to put stuff back right away. I highly recommend them and plan to use them again in the future!”

S. Ellison
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